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Peer Recovery Support is open to women and men
ages 18 or older who are in recovery from drug and/or
alcohol abuse. Recovery coaches work with people in
all stages of the recovery process, assisting them with
establishing life goals and sharing positive strategies
for recovery. Recovery coaches help peers connect
with resources related to recovery, parenting,
employment, housing, and education. There is no fee
for services. The goal is to assist recoverees with
building positive, rewarding, sustainable recovery
programs. Women coaches work with women, and our
male coach works with males.
Peer Recovery Support Services can be accessed at
any stage of recovery: Pre-treatment, with services
preceding formal treatment; During Treatment, with
services accompanying treatment; Post-Treatment,
with services following treatment enter formal
treatment or choose not to do so.
706 Chippewa Square, Suite 200
Marquette, MI 49855

Phone: (906) 228-4050
Fax: (906) 228-2153
Peer Recovery Support Program
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In Marquette County, Please contact:
Deb Pascoe at 906-228-4050 ext. 119 or   or
Ashley Hawkins at 906-228-4050 ext. 118 or or
Adam McGuire at 906-228-4050 ext. 102 or

In Dickinson County, Please contact:
Meghan Ruddell at 906-202-2452 or  or
Mike Johnson at 906-282-9100 or
For more information on these services in Marquette County, click the link to see the
Peer Recovery Services (Marquette) Brochure